Juan Williams on the Intolerance of the Left

“You know what? When I see the terrible out-of-wedlock birth rate in this country, I think, ‘My God, something’s wrong! The family is breaking down!’ When I see kids dropping out of school, especially the Latino and Black kids, 50 percent, I think it’s an outrage! I think something is wrong in the culture when you’re putting down education and you’re building up gangster rappers and those kinds of people. So if that means I am conservative, well okay. But to my mind, what you have going on here is you’ve got the family and the culture going in the wrong direction. I think a lot of people should be standing up and saying it for what it is. And I’ll tell you one other thing, Bill—and this is something that comes out of my friendship with you. I’ve come to understand that when I say anything that doesn’t hold to the orthodoxy of the far left, they are far more vicious and personal, more ad hominem in their attacks against me, then anything on the right. Historically, I always thought it’s the far right that’s closed-minded. No, Bill, I’ve discovered the far left is extremely harsh—harsh!—and punishing when you don’t say everything they want you to say and stick to their orthodoxy.”

JUAN WILLIAMS on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel, hosted by Bill O’Reilly, Monday, March 2, 2009

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