Is American Decline Inevitable?

The New Reagan Revolution

“Congressman Mike Pence told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), ‘You know, I am told that officials in [the Obama] administration will actually admit in private that they see their job as “managing American decline.” So let me say from my heart, the job of the American president is not to manage American decline. The job of the American president is to reverse it.’

“Charles Krauthammer, in his Wriston Lecture at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, October 5, 2009, said, ‘The question of whether America is in decline cannot be answered yes or no. There is no yes or no. Both answers are wrong, because the assumption that somehow there exists some predetermined inevitable trajectory . . . is wrong. Nothing is inevitable. Nothing is written. For America today, decline is not a condition. Decline is a choice.’

“If America fails, a new Dark Age awaits. So the failure of our ‘City on a Hill’ is not an option. No matter how this dangerous world threatens, no matter how cravenly our leaders respond to those threats, we who truly love America and cherish freedom do not have to accept decline. We choose faith, hope, and love of liberty. We choose optimism. We choose to ignite a revolution to restore America—a New Reagan Revolution.

“As Krauthammer said, ‘Decline—or continued ascendancy—is in our hands.'”

—Michael Reagan, The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan’s Principle Can Restore America’s Greatness Today.