“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you mad.”
—Saying from the Recovery Movement

I am a skeptical believer, a Christian anthropicist,
a Hayek-Friedman-Reagan small-gummint classical liberal*,
and a post-partisan author.

Jim Denney has authored or co-authored more than a hundred books for many publishers. He has collaborated on books with Orlando Magic co-founder Pat Williams (Leadership Excellence), political consultant Michael Reagan (The New Reagan Revolution), Super Bowl champion Reggie White (In the Trenches), Super Bowl champion Bob Griese (Undefeated), Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney (The Longest Trek), talk show host Scott Hennen (Grass Roots), and many others. His latest book as sole author is God and Soul, which presents the latest, most compelling scientific evidence for the existence of God and the human soul.

On Twitter: @AnswersAuthor


*Classical liberalism is the political ideology that advocates individual freedom, economic freedom, and limited government. The principles of classical liberalism have been championed in the 20th century by Friedrich Hayek (author of The Road to Serfdom), Milton Friedman (author of Free to Choose), and President Ronald Reagan. Classical liberalism holds that as government power expands, liberty contracts, and as government power contracts, liberty expands.

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  1. Now I get it. Two blogs?

    What’s an “anthropocist”?

  2. Hi, Jenn! Actually, four blogs. This one is where I do my political ranting, plus my evidence-for-God talk.

    My blog at http://godandsoul.wordpress.com/ is devoted primarily to evidence for God and the soul, minus the politics. I also have a blog purely for my thoughts on the business and craft of writing at http://unearthlyfiction.wordpress.com/. I’ll tweet you about the fourth blog.

    I like to keep the other blogs separated from this one, because I get a lot of ugly invective at this site from people opposed to my politics and my evidence for God.

    An “anthropicist” is a person whose faith in God is based, at least in part, on scientific evidence (cosmology, quantum physics) from the anthropic principle (aka the fine-tuned universe concept). I believe the term was coined by SF writer David Brin in a short story, “What Continues, What Fails…”

    Here are a couple of articles on this site relating to the anthropic evidence:



    Thanks for asking, Jenn. I hope you are having an excellent writing adventure! All the best. —JD

  3. Thanks, Jim! When NaNo is over, I’ll sit down and peruse. I love this stuff.


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